OOPS....Just One More Thing!

Here is a blog entry that was mysteriously hiding away until today!  In May 2015, just after Consolidation, a group of us made our way to Almond of 11 in what is known as Shell Beach.  It was quite a memorable trip with LONG speedboat ride that partly took place in the Atlantic Ocean.  The beach is very near Venezuela in Region One of Guyana.  Here are some pictures.

The travel group is ready for an adventure! 

Here we are refueling! 

This is an endangered Leatherback burying about 100 eggs on the beach about 9PM.  This is rather late in the season and I was so pleased to see the "exhibition".  She worked quickly to bury them then marched back out to the ocean.  Not very "maternal" by human standards, but MOTHER NATURE KNOWS BEST!

There were beautiful fist sized blue butterflies and red birds in flight at Shell Beach.. unfortunately, no photos.
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Looking Back.....

So, I have been back to the USA over a month now.  "How's it going?", I'm asked.  Well, I thought I'd be prepared for being overwhelmed by choices, traffic (in a different way), protocols, procedures and food.  However, I did not imagine how.  I can tell you that I now know the HOW of these things and more.  I am surprised and disappointed at the lack of flavor the produce has.  I am shell shocked by the high prices of food.  Traffic doesn't even seem an issue except for an excessive amount of red light running.  Protocols  and procedures for documentation is what I could not have imagined.  I get a document from government organization A that organization B fails to recognize.  Organization B wants to email me a link where I will click, find an appropriate form, complete, print, san and resubmit to organization B.  Oh, and if "this, then and that" don't match up with ......WELL, you get the idea! 

So, in the midst of all that, (with doubts abo…

Yellow Bird

The yellow Kisdadee of South America had me thinking of my Dad frequently.  WHY, you ask?  Well, I took piano lessons as a child.  Dad worked out of town a lot and when he was gone, it was for weeks.  I tried to learn new music and surprise him every time he returned.  After her settled in, I would happily say, "Guess what I learned to play?"  His response EVERY time was, "Yellow Bird".  Sadly, I would look at him and say, "No".  I finally got smart and bought the music for "Yellow Bird" and really surprised him when he returned from one of his assignments.  It just seems so ironic to me that there would be such focus on a yellow bird of my youth and again decades later. 
Final thoughts coming just now.....

Golden Jubilee and Final Thoughts

The Golden Jubilee is behind as is my service to the country of Guyana.  This blog is long as it is my final post here. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my trials and successes.  It's been something remarkable in many ways.  I did, in fact come away feeling as though I learned more than I taught.  Many told me this would be the case.  
The Golden Jubilee regalia was amazing throughout Georgetown, the capital city.  It dressed up the city as though it were an enormous birthday gift and in a sense, it was. Here are some photos of places around Georgetown that I have not posted before. 
National Library

Various commercial and government buildings all dressed up.

 National Trust back yard is beautiful even without the regalia......

I will miss Sandvoort Primary Head Miss, Miss Taylor!
I spent many an afternoon gaffing with my friend in the village.  I will miss Aeileen and her activities with The Sandvoort Heritage Group!
I enjoyed many Sundays with my friend, Rad in a nearby …